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HP LaserJet Error Code List Description and How to Resolve

HP LaserJet Error Code List, description and how to resolve :
Error Code 02 - Warming up
  • Turn printer off. Unplug I/O cable from rear of printer. Power up printer and see if it goes to ready. If printer goes to ready, the problem could be a driver issue, a bad I/O port in the computer or a bad I/O cable. If the printer still stays in 02 warm up, replace the formatter board.
HP LaserJet Error Code List Description and How to Resolve

Error Code 11 - Paper Out
  • Check paper tray for paper. Make sure it is seated properly.
  • Check the tray size actuating tabs on the paper tray for damage. Check to see if the actuators they contact aren't bent. The micro-switches they actuate could be defective or misaligned. Manually depress the actuators and listen for a click.
  • Check that the paper sensor arm isn't stuck or broken.
  • Paper Control Sensor PCA is defective.
Error Code 12 - Printer Open no EP cartridge
  • Check that the toner cartridge is installed.
  • Check that the top cover is firmly closed.
  • On HP II/IID/III/IIID printers this error is usually caused by a bad DC power supply.
  • On HP IIP/IIP+/IIIP printers the primary cause is the density adjusting PCA. There is a slight possibility of it being a bad fan. There is also a slight possibility of the tab on the fuser access door above the MP tray breaking off and causing the error. If the fan starts to run, quits and you notice a burning odor, the scanner motor has failed and needs to be replaced. The problem can also be caused by a defective drum shutter on the toner cartridge.
  • On the 4/4M/4+/4M+ the tab on the top cover that actuates the door interlock could be broken.
Error Code 13 - Paper Jam
  • Paper jams can occur in 3 places: Entry, registration and exit.
  • If the paper isn't picking up out of the paper tray, visually inspect the pickup roller. If it looks shiny, replace it. You should also replace the separation pad as they work together. On the 4L/4P/5P/6P the pickup roller has a plastic shaft that breaks. You'll have to replace the whole pickup assembly. This requires major disassembly of the printer. Check our printer repair kits for your model printer. If you don't see it listed, email us.
  • If you have an HP 4/4+/5 with an optional 500 sheet feeder that's jamming, check the balance knob adjustment. Center it with a full ream of paper for proper operation.
  • If the paper is jamming at registration or anywhere between pickup and exit it could be a number of things. Check the paper path for torn bits of paper or label residue. On the II/III series, remove the metal registration guide plate (2 screws) and check underneath it. If the pickup rollers are moderately worn, the paper will stop just short of the registration roller. On the 4L/4P/5P/6P remove the screw holding the oblique roller assembly (Inside front of printer) and pull out and inspect the assembly and the area under it. On the HP 4/4+/5 pivot up the metal plate and check underneath it. Check the roller assembly on the left side for torn scraps of paper (a flashlight or torch is necessary).
  • Make sure paper cassettes are firmly seated, corner tabs aren't bent. Some trays have lifting springs that could pop out if tray has been dropped.
  • On HP IIP/IIP+/IIIP printers if the paper scrunches up at the toner cartridge you'll need our Inside Accordion Jam Repair Kit.
  • Check your software settings in the program you are attempting to print from. Do you have the correct paper size specified? If you have a different paper size than what is in the tray, you'll get a paper jam.
  • Exit jams are frequently caused by exit sensors. These sensors are typically mounted on the fuser assembly or adjacent to it. They are plastic arms that block and unblock an optical sensor. The arms can get stuck or knocked out of place when clearing paper jams. The optical sensors can also get dirt blocking the photo cell. Clean the sensor and check for free movement and proper installation of the sensor arms.On HP II/III series exit jams are mostly caused by worn gears. The best way to troubleshoot this is to defeat the door interlock (see door interlock photo on troubleshooting page). Press down on the arm on the top right of the fuser. Initiate a test page. While holding down the arm, press one of the metal cartridge detect switches just below the door interlock. Watch the movement of the gears. You will get a 51 error because the door is open. Recycle power to get rid of error. There is an arm gear on the lower right of the fuser that can shed teeth. There is also a 14 tooth gear below the large gear on top of the fuser. You can also manually rotate the large gear and check for binding or crunching. If that happens, then replace the 14 tooth gear. On the door, there are some delivery coupler gears that mate with the fuser and drive the exit roller. Check the gears for excessive wear. Replace if necessary. If the paper gets almost all the way out and jams, replace the exit roller or the exit roller assembly. If the error occurs after fuser replacement, check and see if the connector on the left of the fuser is properly mated with the one in the printer.
  • On HP IIP/IIP+/IIIP printers if the paper has accordion folds on the bottom and jams on exit, order our Top Output Accordion Jam Repair Kit.
  • On HP 4/4+/5 printers the most common cause of exit jams is the exit assembly. Order our 4/4+/5 Exit Jam Repair Kit. Exit jams in the fuser can be caused by a broken fuser drive gear or a broken gear on the fuser. Remove the fuser and check the gear inside the printer for broken teeth. Manually turn the gears on the fuser and check for smooth operation. Check the paper exit sensor arm for proper mounting and free movement.
  • Check to make sure the rear door is closed on the printer. Open doors can cause 13 paper jam indications.
  • On the 5L/6L check the registration sensor arm below the pickup roller. Also check the exit sensor arm (bottom center of the fuser). These arms frequently get stuck or dislodged clearing paper jams. On these printers, if you are experiencing frequent paper jams, order our 5L/6L Multi-Sheet/No Feed Repair Kit
Error Code 14 - Absence of toner cart
  • Error code 14 indicates that the printer toner cartridge is either not properly seated or installed. It could also mean the sensitivity tabs are missing or that the toner cartridge itself is of bad quality. Make sure to check on the right hand tabs of the toner cartridge and that the switch actuator is not bent.
Error Code 22 - Configuration error
  • These error codes are typically associated with improper configuration for the computer or the printer. Make sure the I/O cable isn’t damaged. Check if the I/O port on the printer is damaged or not. Also check the EIO card inside slot X of your HP LaserJet printer. Check to see if it has overflowed.
Error Code 30 - PS error
  • PS errors refer to a postscript firmware problem. For this you will need to get a new firmware chip for your HP LaserJet to function normally again.
Error Code 40 - Transfer error
  • This usually means that there is a disconnection between data transferring from your PC to your HP LaserJet printer. However, it can be rectified if you check on the MIO card. It should have no defects. Make sure the serial configuration on both the PC and printer are the same. Make sure that connection between cables and EIO ports is established.
Error Code 52 - Improper scanner speed
  • This error code implies that the HP LaserJet scanner is having faulty speeds. Check if the scanner motor is damaged and also check if the cable assembly is faulty or not. Sometimes this could be temporary as the scanner maybe facing startup issues. The problem could also lie with the scanner cable as it could be damaged.
Error Codes 70 and 71 - Damaged MIO card
  • This indicates that the MIO card also called SIMMS is faulty or damaged. Either the SIMM slot or the SIMM itself is not compatible with your HP LaserJet printer. That means you will need to get a new SIMM which is compatible.

How to Fix Canon PIXMA IP2770 Error Code 5200

How to fix Canon IP2770 Error Code 5200, when printer Canon PIXMA IP2770 is turned on, the printer looks normal with GREEN LED is on, but when ordered to print error message will appear and the LED will blinking 8x green and 1x orange.

How to Reset Canon IP2770 Error 5200

How To Reset and Fix Canon IP2770 Error Code 5200 :
  • Make sure your printer is off and plugged the power cord.
  • Press tRESUME button two seconds, then press POWER button until the green light flame ( while pressing the POWER button, don't released RESUME button ) then release the Resume button, but do not release the POWER button.
  • POWER button while still pressed, press the Resume button 5 times. Led will flash alternately orange glow green with the last orange. (not to mistaken 4x because the printer will be totally dead, but it is temporary as well)
  • Release both buttons simultaneously. Led will blink briefly and then will glow GREEN. And the computer will detect new hardware, just ignore ... 
  • Press POWER button, then the printer will off. Press POWER button again then the printer will on and ...
  • PRINTER iP2770 is ready to use. 
If using the manual method above does not work please continue using the software resetter, download software resetter for Canon PIXMA IP2770 from link below


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How To Recovery Deleted Text Messages From Your Mobile Phone

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Error Message on Epson Printer T13 and How to Resolve

Error message on Epson Printer T13 is often the case when the printer is printing flashing lights so the printer can not be operated because the screen shows the counter has reached the limits of printing

In this post I will sharing tips for you how to resolve error message on Epson printer T13 using Epson Adjustment Program.

Error Message on Epson Printer T13 and How to Resolve

Follow these instructions below how to resolve error message epson printer T13 using Epson Adjustment Program
  • Download resetter printer T13
  • Run Epson Adjustment Program (AdjProg.exe)
  • Click accept and click select
  • Specify the printer brand
  • At the destination select EPS then click ok
  • Select the particular adjustment mode
  • Select waste ink pad counter then click ok
  • Click the check (counter 7500 printer needs to be reset)
  • Check the main pad counter and counter fl Boxes
  • Click initialization (to reset the printer counter)
  • Finish
  • Turn off the printer after 10 minutes then turn on the printer
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Latest Version Service Tool for Canon PIXMA MP258, MP276, MP558, MP568, MP648, MP198, MP496 Free Download

Latest Version Service Tool for Canon PIXMA MP258, MP276, MP558, MP568, MP648, MP198, MP496 Free Download. Service Tool is used when the printer you are experiencing trouble, the sign when the printer is turned on LCD printer displaying error message E08 (The Ink Absorber is Almost Full) or displaying warning ink printer consumables but printer ink still a lot of on the cartridge. This often happens in the case of a printer that has been modified by adding injecting ink directly into the cartridge.

Latest Version Service Tool for Canon PIXMA MP258, MP276, MP558, MP568, MP648, MP198, MP496 Free Download

It happened because of the amount of printing that has been set from the factory already has the maximum. For such cases the factory suggest you to replace it with a new printer cartridge. But do not worry, there is a possibility that your printer cartridges can still be used, and you do not need to replace with a new one. With this tool you can reset back number printing count on memory printer (EEPROMP) to zero again as a new printer.

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